Orthopedics Department

all the benefits of choosing assuta for treatment in Israel

The Orthopedics Department is proud to feature many of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Israel,
providing expert orthopedics services with precision and compassion.

In addition to its surgical staff, Assuta has an experienced team of physiotherapists that provides
rehabilitation personalized to each patient to facilitate recovery and return to daily activity.

Surgeries performed

The department offers the following procedures:

  • Joint replacements: Hip, knee, and other replacement surgeries
  • Spine surgeries: Procedures to treat scoliosis, herniated discs;
    laminectomies (decompression surgeries), discectomies (removal of abnormal disc material),
    spinal fusion; and more
  • Microsurgeries: Interventions for tendon and nerve repair
    Arthroscopies: Minimally invasive surgical procedures to view, diagnose,
    and treat problems inside joints, specifically knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows