Assuta, the largest Israeli private medical center, provides patients with a broad range of world-class,
state-of-the-art medical services.
Assuta stands at the forefront of modern medicine thanks to our sophisticated medical equipment,
 innovative methods, and top-class Israeli specialists.

Assuta employs more than 1,500 of the best internationally-experienced Israeli physicians,
who are highly qualified and experienced in unique treatment methods.
Assuta physicians conduct clinical trials and publish their results in highly prestigious medical journals.
Assuta patients choose their own attending physicians and surgeons.
Assuta boasts state-of-the-art medical equipment, including the Da Vinci robot used in unique surgeries.

Assuta departments which provide hospitalization include: 

Assuta's centers of Excellance:

  • Diagnostic Imaging center
  • Neurosurgery Center
  • Oncology Center
  • Hematology center
  • Surgery Center
  • Bariatric center
  • Cardiovascular center
  • IN Vitro Fertilization (ivf) center

Assuta's department:

  • Urology Department
  • ENT
  • Orthopedics Department
  • Gynecology Department
  • Gastroenterology Department
  • General Surgery Department

Important to know

A constant stream of medical tourists can be seen in the prestigious Northern Tel Aviv area.
They come for treatment at Assuta's clinical center, which is renowned all over the world.
Even tourists from developed countries are attracted to Israel by Israeli medicine's impressive reputation.