1What surgeries, procedures, and tests are performed at Assuta?
Assuta Israel performs a range of procedures across all major disciplines. To review information about surgeries, procedures and tests performed, visit Assuta’s Surgery webpage.
2Can you recommend medical specialist who can provide information on a treatment and/or surgery that I need to undergo?
We will be happy to help connect you with the appropriate specialists. Please send your contact details to our email: touristcenter@assuta.co.il
3How much does a doctor's consultation cost?
Regarding the cost of a consultation, please contact our representatives at: touristcenter@assuta.co.il and we will be happy to provide you with the cost information that you need.
4Where can I get an explanation about the procedure that I am planning to undergo?
Basic information regarding procedures is available on the Assuta website, under each medical discipline. This information does not replace information and instructions provided by the physician. For additional information, please feel free to contact us at: touristcenter@assuta.co.il
5I have heard that there are different techniques for performing my surgery.
Can I be participate in determining the technique that is right for me?
Yes. Assuta is a private hospital that enables its patients to work with their doctors to make a joint decision on the appropriate technique for your case.
6 Are surgeries/procedures/tests paid for, or reimbursed by my insurance company?
Assuta has financial and contractual arrangements with a broad range of leading insurance companies worldwide. The Insurance Services staff will be happy to assist you in determining the reimbursement rate from your insurance company and will provide information on the doctors who are included in the arrangement. For more details, please contact us at touristcenter@assuta.co.il
7Who schedules my procedure?
The surgery schedule is determined solely by the surgeon.