Personal Treatment Plan

Personalized VIP services are available for your convenience,and can be pre-ordered or requested
during your hospital stay itself,based on availability and according to physicians’ orders for the patient.
For VIP information, please contact us at our dedicated international phone number: +972-3-764-3247

  • Personal meals: The varied menu is approved by our medical staff and personally served.
  •  Personal nurse: Nurses can accompany the patient after a procedure , throughout the night, as needed.
    Patients may be eligible to receive reimbursement from their private insurance carriers, subject to certain conditions.
    Please check reimbursement options with your insurance agency.
  • Private anesthesiologist: The private anesthesiologist works with the patient prior to surgery in
    the Preoperative Clinic,anesthetizes the patient in the operating room, and monitors the patient’s recovery
    after the surgery,remaining at the patient’s side to address questions or concerns.