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    About Assuta

    Assuta is a leading private chain of hospitals and clinics in Israel , as well as the largest surgical , with the capabilities for over 500 different types of operations in the varies medical fields:

    Complex oncological surgery, heart and lung surgeries, catheterizations, neurosurgery, endoscopic surgery, customized, joint replacement, robotic surgeries and other complex surgeries.

    In Assuta you can choose your surgeons - from over 2500 doctors. The hospital holds an international standard from the prestigious JCI organization, confirming that the medical activity meets the most stringent international standards with regard to quality of care and patient safety.

    Assuta has working agreements with many of the largest international insurance companies.
    With most of them, Assuta’s International Patient Services has prearranged direct payment
    arrangements that rely on authorization of payment documents, for a range of medical procedures.

    To see a list of our insurance partners please click here

    The Greatest Wealth - is Health 

    -Publius Vergilius Maro


    Our medical consultants are ready to answer all your questions.

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